eTools Archive: Frequently Asked Questions

1.  The system looks different – what’s going on?
eTools is being maintained as an archive system. Functionality for new study submissions is now available through the Advarra CIRBI Platform. Click here to access the Advarra CIRBI Platform.
You can use this eTools Archive to access IRB documentation for closed studies that were not migrated to the Advarra CIRBI Platform. This information will remain available through the applicable retention period (terminated date plus 3 years). For more information, please review this news item.
2.  Where can I find information on my ongoing studies overseen by Advarra?
All ongoing studies have been migrated to the Advarra CIRBI Platform. Users received email notifications prior to migration and after the migration was complete. Click here to access the Advarra CIRBI Platform. For technical questions regarding the Advarra CIRBI Platform or the eTools Archive, please contact CIRBI Support.
3.  How do I log in to the Advarra CIRBI Platform?
If you have an ongoing study that was migrated to the Advarra CIRBI Platform, you should have received an email to your eTools account email address providing you with CIRBI login credentials. If you are unable to locate this email, please click here to set up a new account with the Advarra CIRBI Platform.
4.  I can’t find a submission form I previously started in eTools. Where is it?
As all submission activities are now managed through the Advarra CIRBI Platform, submission functionality has been decommissioned in eTools. This includes the removal of started form drafts. Please begin your submission anew in the Advarra CIRBI Platform. If you need to access information from your previously started eTools submission form, please contact CIRBI Support for assistance.
5.  What happened to the Contact Change Request form?
To simplify the request process, we have brought the contact change request forms into the eTools Archive and consolidated all forms into a single request form. Click here to submit a contact change request for the eTools Archive portal. Please note: This form is only for the eTools Archive and will not effect changes to the Advarra CIRBI Platform.